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        AI R&D

        "Foresight" has always been one of the most important code of conduct of Shufeng Group, and the exploration of intelligent logistics and warehousing is a good practice of the code. As early as 2015, the Group focused on the feasibility study of smart forklifts, and formally established the Intelligent R & D Department in early 2016. In 2017, Guoyixian Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was officially established, which also marked Shufeng Group‘s full-scale entry into the field of intelligence.

        Intelligent unmanned forklift is one of the core products of Shufeng Group. It is suitable for all types of standard warehouses, visual navigating, without destroying the original structure and environment.

        The forklift truck is modularly constructed, with adjustable installation configuration, wide adaptability, fast response, and strong compatibility with intelligent systems. It can fully implement the design standards, there are no human interference factors, and all operating nodes are recorded and traceable. The use of an unmanned forklift system as a whole in the warehouse can greatly reduce operating costs.

        With the rapid development of logistics and warehousing and the release of the demand for "machines instead of labor", the forklift product structure is becoming more electric and intelligent. Shufeng Group will firmly seize the opportunities of the times and strive to become an intelligent and integrated process of logistics and storage In the forerunner.