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        Shufeng Group‘s mid-year supervisor training meeting was successfully held

        In order to stimulate the vitality of the management team and improve the level and comprehensive ability of management personnel at all levels of the enterprise, on August 7, 2020, Shufeng Group held a mid-year executive training meeting. The meeting was personally chaired by Mr. Guo Bin, vice president of the group.The training is mainly divided into two parts: "Business Process and Data Analysis" and "Data Extraction and Quick Investigation of Error Data in Excel".


        During the training, all levels of supervisors from various DCs and group headquarters listened to reports on business process setup and data analysis from Mr. Guo, thereby improving the understanding and definition of business processes and enhancing the ability to mine and analyze data. At work, managers often spend a lot of time extracting and organizing business data from raw data. Through the practical application of training and case analysis, supervisors at all levels have learned to use EXCEL tools to extract and sort out raw data, check abnormal data, etc., further improve the awareness and ability of serving customers, and enhance the management level. This training opened up the minds of supervisors at all levels, deeply inspired, and benefited a lot.