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        Warehousing & Logistics

        Established in 2008, Shufeng Group has been committed to safer, more hygienic, faster warehousing and logistics services that meet the requirements of high international standards. Shufeng has gradually become the industry‘s leading provider of warehousing and logistics, provides high quality services for a group of Fortune 500 customers..

        After years of continuous development, Shufeng Group has built a nationwide logistics network that integrates roads, railways, shipping and other transportations, and has exclusive terminals and railway lines. Shufeng group has trained a large number of professional logistics talents, providing customers with comprehensive solutions.

        The management system independently developed by Shufeng group covers all the company‘s work links (warehouse ordering, sorting, packaging, office procurement, finance, operation security, etc.), and effectively monitoring and analyzing costs and efficiency in real time, enhancing work efficiency, saving management costs and laid the foundation for sustainable development.

        "Attentive service, perfect details" is the service tenet of Shufeng Group. Through unremitting efforts, Shufeng Group has been recognized by Fortune 500 companies and reached long-term partnerships with them. In the future, Shufeng Group will be the Chinese leading enterprises in the field of warehousing and logistics, and provide customers with comprehensive solutions.